established in 1976


Field Farm, owned by the Hurst family, is a 100 acre farm situated in the Teme Valley in North West Worcestershire near the borders of Shropshire and Herefordshire. The farm has been re-invented many times in the past and was once planted with walnut and cherry orchards. However, in its prime it took the form of a hop farm through the 1980’s and 1990’s growing hops for the brewing industry. The hops have since gone and the land is now used for arable crops such as barley, rapeseed and wheat.

In 2013 the steel frame barn that once housed the large hop picking machine and the ground surrounding was transformed into a new and exciting naturalistic garden, utilising the frame of the barn for climbing plants, with a small cherry tree meadow and a natural swimming pond.

The nearby kiln where the hops were once dried is now the owner’s home. The other barns on the farm which have been primarily used for storage over the last 30 years consist of a two storey brick barn which has been renovated and a large nearly untouched double height timber framed threshing barn.